February 16, 2018

Shaving with Harry's

Winter is a great time to build fires, make chili, drink red wine, and wear tights. But despite the ability to covers one's legs for 90% of the season, every now and then you still need to whip out the old razor and actually shave. And since replacement blades are usually a fortune, I've hunted for a solution. Several years ago I got my hubby a monthly Harry's Shave Club subscription for his birthday, and hes been a huge fan ever since. Rather than hunt for the perfect female equivalent, I've just started using his Harry's razors. They are affordable, cute, and of superior quality. The days of spending $20 on a pink frilly looking razor, only to have to shell out another $40 for replacement blades right away are over.

Its now February, and I feel like I almost forgot the proper way to shave. But some new Vineyard Vines capri workout pants have inspired me to take up the habit again, so here it goes. And despite my inclination to be lazy and grab some soap, this is actually a big mistake and leaves your legs dry, itchy, and prone to razor burn. So its worth the extra few dollars to invest in some shaving cream (and if you like earthy, masculine scents, borrow the boy's shave cream as well).

So what better way to prep for the approaching dress season than with a new razor? (I also like the handle color choices since it always at least partially about the aesthetics.)

February 1, 2018

In Review: Lipsense

I do NOT sell Lipsense. I will never sell Lipsense (or anythign else). That's just me. I have been, however, super intrigued by this product popping up on my news feed, Instagram and everywhere else I look. And since I rarely pass up the chance to try a new beauty item out, I gave it a go and ordered a few from a social media 'friend', and one from Amazon.

So here's the deal. They go on in 3 coats, like paint, and you let it dry. You then seal the color with a top coat lip gloss. I have heinously dry lips, from constantly licking, peeling, and picking them. But despite this, the color still went on pretty well and lasted a long time. The caveat is you have to reapply the gloss a million times a day, but the underlying color itself only goes on once in the morning. You also need an actual makeup remover to get it off at day's end (I used olive oil as they recommended at first, but it didnt work too well, so I got Almay waterproof eye makeup removing pads and use these).

The cons: Not the easiest to apply the first few times, takes practice. Once its on, you're committed to that color for a full day, no changing your color for lunch or dinner dates (if, unlike me, your meals don't consist of you standing over the sink, washing down goldfish crackers with a glass of wine). And it takes a little bit of work to remove.

The pros: Doesn't budge. Doesn't transfer to coffee cups or wine glasses, teeth, or anything else. The gloss feels nice on, they say it moisturizes through the color but I have no idea if this is true or not. And at $25 per tube, its less costly than my favorite YSL which, at $37 a pop, has to be reapplied 100+ times a day, so it adds up. The gloss is $20, and really you'll need several to have on hand at all times. If you don't reapply the gloss, it gets tacky and will start to come off. But in my opinion, still better than having to completely redo lipstick.

So overall, a total hit for me. best colors so far are 'Roseberry' and 'Cappuccino'. I can see not wanting to wear this everyday, when I'm short on time, but generally I will stick with this when I'm going to a meeting, client meal, or the rare date with the hubs (or maybe even while eating those crackers over the sink for dinner to glam it up).

January 24, 2018

Kitchen Facelift

Despite the fact that upon purchase in 2016 we oversaw all the renovation of our Connecticut home personally, being 100+ miles away in New York while the work was being done took its toll. For example, the cabinet color was wrong. What was supposed to be 'bright white' was, in fact, antique white. And when the custom made counter tops, finishes, furniture and back-splash were all ordered based on bright white, not antique white, you can imagine some problems arising. But being sensible (forcibly so, in the form of budget limitation, not because I'm actual sensible) we lived with it. Antique white worked well enough.

Until now. New year, new cabinets. (New cabinet knobs, pulls and kitchen faucet coming next month so stayed tuned!)

Lighting: Pottery Barn // Cabinet paint: Benjamin Moore Advance in 'Gray Shower' // Back-splash tiles: Tile Bar 'Mangata Satin Starlight' // Wall paint: Sherman Williams 'Lazy Gray' // Counter stools: 'Dakota Adjustable Stool' from Target (on sale right now) // Rug: Savafieh via Wayfair

January 10, 2018

Hit Reset

Despite the big cliche talk of 'new years resolutions' and 'positive attitudes' the first week (or 9 days?) of 2018 were crappy. I felt like Tucker here, falling through a hole waiting to be rescued. On January 2 my husband blew out a tire and had to have the car towed (on the way home from Tucker's first indoor soccer clinic practice no less), no school on the 4th or 5th for snow, the baby broke out in an infectious rash on the 6th and had a double ear infection by the 7th, the basement pipes began leaking on January 8th, and today there is a client disaster at work.

But rather than despair (baby is still not sleeping despite my prayers and hopes for sleep in 2018), I'm hitting reset, both on the computer (because the internet is slower than a toddler getting dressed today), and on the new year. The tire is fixed, the pipe stopped leaking, the amoxicillin has kicked in, and Tucker loves soccer. And I've reevaluated the no wine on weeknights resolution...

**Update: As my karma for complaining above, since these events transpired last week, a few more have piled on. Husband gets massive tonsil infection and cant eat, hear, or swallow. Another snow day, school cancelled. Tucker sprains knee and needs a trip to urgent care at 6pm Thursday night to be sure nothing is torn. Baby's ENT appointment we waited forever to get is cancelled, news given to us after we arrive at scheduled appointment. Same car with repaired tire and tow on the 2nd now needs new 'blower' which costs $400 plus labor. SO I think I'm waiting until February for that reset.....

January 3, 2018


My 6 year old came home from school yesterday, jumped down from the last bus step in his usual spring board like manner. He came running toward me, arms outstretched for a hug. We came into the house, back pack thrown to the floor, shoes kicked off in different directions. He grabbed the iPad, headed to the cabinet to retrieve a snack, and nestled into a counter stool for a few minutes of decompression before the tiresome after school routine (dinner, read, homework, bath, play, 5 minute warning 15 times, bed) began again like groundhogs day.

But something about my now 6 and half year old was subtly different today. I felt him get older, sitting there, eating crackers. It was nothing overt or outspoken, more like the way you can sense snowfall despite a forecast of clear skies. The air hangs heavy with a smell that you can feel in your throat when you swallow a deep breath. But just like that, I saw my tiny toddler melt away a little more that day, replaced by a taller, leaner being, capable of backtalk and words that, though he doesn't quite appreciate them yet, carry meaning. His questions are direct and not as easily answered, (why do we go to Church if God is supposed to be everywhere?), and his anxieties about his world (I feel embarrassed when the 3rd graders laugh at me on the bus, why do they do that?) not as easily explained away.

So as 2018 begins, and I smell the emergence of a new age, somewhere north of toddler and still south of teen, I'm trying to hold onto my parenting confidence which is still constantly rattled. Amidst a sea of year end conference calls and client crisis, I realized the baby still hasn't began to sleep through the night yet. And as his first birthday peeks at us from the calendar I'm reminded just how little I actually know about raising children (and how much I need to avoid baby blogs). Deep breaths, calm voices, and lots of hugs.

December 19, 2017


I cant tell you how much money I have saved since I discovered Kate Somerville products thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book. In the past I'd try a new wash/toner/lotion, find it to be mediocre, or decent at best, and a few weeks later, I would move it over to my husband's side of the bathroom shelf to finish, as I had lost interest.

I am 35, oily mixed with dry patches, mixed with occasional acne. (As you read this, I'm driving to New York (for the 4th time this month!) for a work meeting, so add to that I have huge under-eye bags.) The joy of finding the right products, ugh. But, I'm pretty sure I can now say I've found my holy grail. The best wash I have ever used to date is the Eradikate wash, which by some magic, dries up acne but does not dry out my skin. I follow with the clarifying toner at night, and then an Origins night cream that I don't think I can live without. The prices are reasonable for quality skin care (the wash is $38 and lasts forever, while the night cream is $44 with similar jar longevity since you only need a small amount). On two separate occasions recently, people I don't know have complimented my skin. The first time I chalked it up to my Tarte foundation, but the second time was after the gym and I was of course sans-makeup. So I think this new lineup is working magic for me.

December 13, 2017

Holiday Insta-Round Up

gingerbread house workshop with my #1 bud

casual fall weekend wear

Bloody Marys are the best!

Welly Bear's first haircut!

Friendsgiving cocktails with some amazing friends who happen to be neighbors

happy kids table on Thanksgiving

Tucker made me do this....

the extent of my #cybermonday splurge this year

Christmas cheer brought to you by Tucker

Weeknight charity event

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