July 28, 2016

Maximum Space

Musings readers who followed me during the WWALD days will remember my closet room from my first house. While that was one of the painful things to leave behind, part of the impetus behind our move to Connecticut was to downsize our lives. This included purging at least 40% of the 'stuff' we owned, much of which resided in that very closet. In the new house, I had to make due with a significantly smaller space. Determined to make the new closet as calming a space as my original, we hired a closet installation company to work their magic.

Matching sets of slim velvet hangars are a must for a uniform look while still fitting as many hanging items as possible. Shelves spaced adequately and appropriately for classic heels, wedges and flats also makes the most of limited space. I have a small maternity section that will be much less robust than the first time around, and which I'm still not quite ready to wear yet (15 weeks and counting!). Its amazing how much order and mentality clarity an organized and functional closet can bring to an otherwise chaotic state of mind (don't judge me, I'm in transition this summer :).

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July 8, 2016

Thoughts on a Friday

These have been among the hardest few weeks in recent memory. Moving is hard, and I've questioned why we did this at least daily since we arrived last week. I'm homesick for things that don't exist (my childhood home and two parents), and friends I still talk to everyday.

Dropping your 5 year old off at a day camp where he doesn't know a sole is harder then leaving him at daycare for the first time. I've done both so leave me to my opinion.

Working from home is hard and lonely. But driving over 3 hours each way to my old office is even worse.

I am trying to practice what I preach: This too shall pass.

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