June 30, 2014

Fancy Footwork: Summer

Since in retail land, July is actually the first Fall delivery, you will start to see many summer staples hitting the sale section. I am far too impatient to shop for long sleeves and tweed months before I could dream of wearing them, so wear now pieces with red sale tags are perfect for me. A few favorites are these summer worthy foot friends.
I love a wedge in all seasons, especially summer. Navy is a nice change from taupe, for just $79 at Zappos.

Perfect meeting shoes for summer clients appointments (and drinks!). On sale for less than $30 at Sole Society.
I have far too many shoes in this fabulous camel shade, but there's always room for another, especially at $59 at DSW.

Probably to high for me to wear anywhere considering I have a 3 year old, but still super cute and on sale for under $40.

Simple and classic, in a fun shade that can take you into September. $50 at DSW.

June 27, 2014

Say Bye to Rye

Its been a week, and I am feeling better already. Since deciding to take my doctor's advice and go gluten free and dairy free, I felt overwhelmed at first but now I feel great. Since many of my favorite foods are naturally gluten and dairy free (chips and guacamole, wine, tequila, sushi) it was only challenging when out to dinner with friends and a whiff of pasta engulfed me. Luckily, there is tons of support for restrictive eating (like this cookbook on Paleo eating, which is more restrictive than my diet but very good), social groups, and other bloggers (like Kim at PPF) who, for various reasons, have said goodbye to grains.

So far my favorite recipe that my whole family (and friends!) can eat, and can be prepared in about 15 minutes has been cilantro shrimp and jasmine scented rice:

1 pound of fresh shrimp
minced cilantro (about 1/4 bunch)
sea salt
jasmine rice
olive oil

Poach the shrimp in olive oil (about 6-8 minutes)
Mix cilantro and a few teaspoons of olive oil in a bowl, squeeze juice of the lime
Prepare rice as per package
Toss all ingredients together, add a pinch of salt to taste

June 26, 2014


weekly link-up

Top Loft
Pants JCrew
Shoes Tommy Hilfiger via DSW
Necklace Banana

June 25, 2014

Jumping for Jumpers

Part retro glam, part childhood play-wear, the adult jumpsuit has been making quite a statement this summer. Since I am an avid fashion blog reader, I can't help but love the modern twist on this old-school favorite. In search of the perfect jumpsuit, meaning it costs less than $50 (given the number of times I will be able to actually wear it are limited), is flattering, and is black (because I have a 3 year old), I have found a few options. I've also been known to plan entire events around a piece of clothing I want to wear, so when Rebecca comes to visit from California in August, I am surely going to take my jumpsuit out for the night.





1. Loft, $98.00
2. Target, for $27.90
3. ASOS on sale from $142 to $47
4. Forever21 for just $24!

June 23, 2014

To The Ball

Client events are a fabulous excuse to dress up, get a sitter, and have a night out with the hubs and some great coworkers. Since my company is an active sponsor of all our Non-Profit Clients' charitable events, we get to enjoy some very touching moments (and champagne!). On this particular occasion we had the pleasure of attending AHRC Nassau's Annual Rose Ball.

Dress: Loft
Shoes: Tahari
Bag: Badgley Mischka
Earrings: Vintage
Lips: MAC 'Blankety'
(on him)
Tux: Calvin Klein
Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Glasses: Warby Parker

June 19, 2014

#Summer Style

weekly link-up

One of my favorite looks, for a casual day in the office or a night out with friends. A loose fitting top with a sleeve is always a good choice for warm weather days dashing in out of of overly air conditioned spaces, and the color palette lends itself to work or play. I wore this particular look out to a fabulous dinner date with our friends, (without the tots!)



JCrew Factory Blouse
White JCrew Jeans
Banana Peep toes
Ann Clutch (old)

June 18, 2014

Lip Service

Since turning 30, I've given up on leaving the house without makeup, or with nothing more than a curl of the eyelashes. Lipstick is a current obsession, and though lip gloss can feel high school, some new formulas are actually easy to wear and add a quick splash of color when your morning routine leaves no time for fuss (as in my adorable 3 year, old who recently refuses to get out of bed until Mommy picks him up, dresses him, feeds him, and then leaves me 10 measly minutes to dress before leaving for work). And as you probably know, I'm a firm believer that buying a tube of lipstick can also brighten an otherwise dreary day (right Christine?)

Bobbi Brown is still my favorite lipstick, and my go to shades are Blondie pink for every day, and plum rose for night

MAC lip gloss is a new must have, worn alone or over lipstick. My favorite shades are Underage and Lychee Lux

MAC Mineralize lip gloss is a few dollars more but lasts a touch longer, and sometimes that is worth the pennies to me

If like me, you are often buying online without time to hit the stores, a helpful tip is to try googling the shade you are thinking of, and hit the 'image results' so see the actual shade on real people to better help you decide. This has saved me from making some bad choices, and helped me pick colors I would not have considered by looking at shade swatches alone.

June 16, 2014

Fashion Finds

A round up of my recent purchases for the season. Because shopping does magical things for the spirit, when a self-righteous preschool owner makes you feel about as big as a carpenter ant and as smart as a dust pan, and when your inbox at work doesn't seem to get below 50 no matter how hard you try to open everything and respond.

Loft pencil skirt in a neutral pattern that will work for summer and fall (on sale for less than $40!)

The perfect layer for work, and top for date nights at Bar Frites

This Tory Burch bag is a simple, classic tote in a shade for fall to match my GiGi New York accessories

A great pix of pump and sandal, since I am forever searching for client-meeting appropriate summer shoes

No shopping trip is complete without a little accessory

June 13, 2014

Thoughts on a Friday

I have realized that after being introduced to Soul Cycle by my girlfriend Jane in January, I have spent more money on spin classes than on shoes or food since the start of 2014

It seems my obsession with Luna Bars has reached an all time high, because my 3 year old now requests them as a snack, a meal, and generally anytime he is asked what he'd like to eat (at least hes not asking for wine, right?)

Instead of using the extra 2 hours of freedom on glorious summer Fridays at work for shopping, beaching or cocktailing, I use them to go to the gym and watch Bravo in peace on the treadmill

I am really dreading June 15th this year, which makes me feel bad for my husband, one of the best dads out there. But I'm just too sad to feel okay about it yet and miss my dad so much it burns in my chest.

June 12, 2014


Weekly Link-up

The best part about summer office wear is the bright patterns you can mix with conservative, professional staples such as the pencil skirt.  Happy Thursday!


Skirt Jcrew
Blouse Jcrew

June 9, 2014


Image from of of my fav blogs, Brooklyn Blonde

Because sometimes, this is really true for me on Mondays

June 5, 2014


What I wore to work link-up

On the many days I need to go straight from work to a dinner event, or have a client lunch in the middle of the day, I like to choose pieces that are comfortable to be in for 12+ hours, yet also feel professional and dinner-worthy. J.Crew is my go to for about 75% of my closet, and this find at Factory for less than $100 was quite the score.

Dress: J.Crew Factory (try this for summer)
Shoes: Ann Taylor (try these)
Watch: Michael Kors

June 4, 2014


I've heard parent friends with older children warn me of the various atrocities associated with raising tots, how at 2 they are just insane, while at 3 insanity turns evil, and then begins to level out at 4. Not having much interaction with children other than my own, I feel my experience is somewhat limited so I rarely dispense advice to friends just starting out. For instance when my best friend comes to visit with her 11 month old, and he simply will not take various objects not intended consumption out of his mouth, I just tell her not to worry, as long as he doesn't actually swallow them. Or when Tuck's teacher emails me multiple times in one day at work, to demand we buy different diapers, directing us to send a new pair of shoes (scolding us for sending a pair with an undetectable hole), I simply forward the email to my husband to carry out her orders.

This weekend, our super sweet and adorable 3 year old asked for his red shovel. Sure its a snow shovel, and its June, but why not? We gladly handed him his toy shovel. He then proceeding to use it to batter the newly planted flowers I carefully dug, lined up, and watered in the flowerbed. I asked him to stop, why did he want to hurt the flowers? He looked at me, then at my husband. Without moving his gaze from our faces he continued to pummel the fragile flowers. Horrified at why he was willfully ignoring me, blatantly disobeying my polite request, and assaulting a pretty petunia, I looked to my husband for help. What do we do? Yell? No, the books say not to overreact with harsh tones. Take the shovel away? Teachers say not to grab, this sends the wrong message.

The flowers are now beaten to small sad pulps, the shovel is hidden behind the lawn mower in the garage, and many tears have been shed (not to mention a bottle of chardonnay drained). It may be a long summer.

June 2, 2014

Weekend Woes

Having to miss my 10 year college reunion this weekend because the strain of paying for Tucker's entire 2014-2015 school year by June 1, his birthday party 2 weeks ago, and a never ending series of home repairs for our fancy house made me sad this weekend. We used my Friday vacation day to drive an hour east and sip some wine at Palmer Vineyards to cheer ourselves up for the afternoon, which worked well. And, it was a great excuse to wear my favorite maxi dress.

Happy Monday!
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