April 30, 2014

Wednesday Wants

My current wish list, just in time for mothers day and my birthday (hint, hint)

This amazing skirt from Tuckernuck

Classic White Converse (I'm not a sneaker kind of girl, but these I could totally love for the summer)

These Kendra Scott earrings for date nights with the hubs

Tory Burch anything, especially this wallet to match my tote

Design Darling iPad case with preppy monogram

April 28, 2014


The first family picture we have taken where Tuck is smiling. And wearing his shirt all day without any stains. A success in itself. Notice my hubby's new Warby Parker glasses (the 'Wilkie'), which he loves, picked out without any input from him I might add. #HappyWife

April 22, 2014


We have always loved hosting. An excuse for fresh flowers, some rose champagne, blue cheese stuffed olives and Italian bread sticks? Whats not to love. To make your own olives (perfect alone or in a dirty martini), follow this simple recipe:

Pit a bunch of olives (or buy them already de-pitted)
Mix about 2 tablespoons of  blue cheese with 1 tablespoon of whipped cream cheese until its smooth
Using a small spoon, scoop the cheese from the bowl and scrap it against either end of the olive so the mixtures gets inside
Pop 3 into a martini glass and strain your favorite dirty martini on top

What working mom doesn't need a strong drink every now and again? (My stay at home mom friends deserve 2 for every one I drink.)

April 18, 2014

Easter Treats

We have had a tradition in my family of giving some really amazing Easter baskets. When I was in college, my parents would come to my upstate campus and bring an array of pastel goodies (a new Coach tote for school, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, a case of peeps, just to name a few highlights). This year, feeling the pressure to fill some big shoes, I found some cute and creative treats for my favorite family members.

A spring clutch from CWonder (perfect for stuffing with Easter candies)

A cute manicure set for stashing in your desk at work from Mark & Graham

An iPhone case in a spring neutral (monogramming available) from GiGi New York

Preppy Vineyard Vines croakies for the Hubby's new shades

Swim trunks for the tot

What will be in your Easter baskets this year?

April 16, 2014

Sleep Struggles

I am not sure how we got here. I know that we read all the baby sleep books, made good habits, transitioned to a big bed, bought 5 types of white noise machines, bought the expensive overnight diapers, used the nighttime lavender lotion for 'serene and calm'. But alas, here we are. Nearly 3 years old, and I cant remember the last night we slept apart.

It started innocently enough, me wanting to be sure he could breath okay at night, in the weeks leading up to his tonsillectomy. And then of course in the weeks following surgery I needed to comfort him and rub his back as he slept. But now, months later, tot cannot fall asleep alone, nor stay in bed more than an hour without someone there next to him. I find myself watching episodes of modern family (on my iPad, at 8:00 in the dark, crammed into his bed), dreaming of the day he will be grown like Luke and I might return to my large, silk covered tempurpedic matress. 'This too shall pass' echoes in my head, but I cant really see the light at the end of the sleep tunnel. Maybe I'm too tired to think straight, or maybe the constant poking of little legs in my back at 2 am has caught up to me. But all that aside, there is no better way to wake up than to the bright face and pure joy of an almost 3 year old smiling at you, nose to nose. It would just be better if I was actually asleep first. So I'm off for another day, hoping I picked matching shoes in the dark closet as I dress on minimal rest, wishing it was time for bed already.

April 9, 2014

Green Envy

After a particularly gluttonous lunch with my favorite coworker, I could hardly imagine moving from my desk for the rest of the day let alone getting myself to the gym after work. I decided I was going to quit eating to the point of combustion (it was a salad, as my husband points out when I complain) and eat everything green for a week. After Soul Cycle, I stop by the Organic Avenue juice bar for an overpriced concoction of something resembling liquid salad, and though I have to hold my nose to get it all down, I feel amazing afterwards (could be the endorphins from 45 minutes of intense sweating to pop music in the dark). I already love a crisp veggie juice from BluePrint so sticking to leafy goods for a week shouldn't be so bad, right? I highly doubt I will make it that long, but I like a challenge, at least for a few minutes.

On a side note, the North Shore of Long Island must be one of the few places women line up to spend $34 for a 45 spin minutes class, and compete to sign up at 12:00 on the dot each Monday for their favorite bikes (last week the entire Soul Cycle website crashed from this fierce rivalry), to be followed by downing expensive bottles of bitter greens. We are an odd bunch.

April 4, 2014

Thoughts on a Friday

Its perfectly acceptable to skip the gym to avoid having to wash you hair on a  given night (or to plan your gym schedule around your hair-washing routine)

Giving up shopping for Lent, and then breaking your streak 10 days in, and again 15 days in because of an irresistible bag or a very bad day doesn't make you a bad person (nor does the fact that you have eaten meat on most every Friday since Lent began because you either forgot, or just really wanted it)

When your almost 3 year old disobeys you, throws a toy, spills his milk on purpose, then unmakes his freshly made bed while refusing to get into it, its OK to ask your husband if you should have just gotten a dog instead

Its OK to bring your own bottle of wine to a pregnant friend's house who has invited you over for dinner. Just bring something nice for her too.

The realization that you cant afford, in the same month, to pay for your 3 year old's birthday party, his summer camp, and your 10 year college reunion is miserable, only aforementioned bottle of wine can help.

April 1, 2014

The Work List

The seasons change, the sun stays put longer, and the office climate inevitably contradicts the outdoor temperature. The work wear battle intensifies as the warmer months near, when air conditioning will blast, bare toes that bask in warm sunlight will freeze indoors. A few essentials to survive the changing of the season in the land of office angst:

1. Blazer

Tipped linen from J.Crew

2. Ankle length pants

Classic Cafe Capri in a neutral color

3. Gauzy scarf

Only $40 from Ann Taylor

This bright pick can change a whole look

4. Peep-toe wedge

This great option in a bright yet neutral shade for $128

5. Cardigan

A lightweight piece to throw over a dress or silk tank
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