April 28, 2017

Thoughts on a Friday

My older son is turning 6 in a few weeks, and while people tell me how fast it goes, I'm not sure it feels speedy but it still feels rather incredible that we have managed to feed, clothe, care for, and keep alive another human for 6 years.

Having a second child has filled my soul with so much joy that I cant begin to memorialize it in words. The only rub of sadness comes when I think of my dad, and how he will never meet Wells. This realization feels like a ragged edge of an opened soup can in my chest.

I bought and assembled a 5 piece patio set this week, consisting of an entire outdoor sofa, side chairs, and table. It brought me immense satisfaction, but cost me a manicure and crippling back pain eased only with an extra glass of wine.

Baby Wells slept in his crib for 5 out of 10 of his sleeping hours, 3 nights in a row, and it feels like a victory. But then last night I missed his small head resting on my arm, and decided that not every baby really needs to sleep in a crib all the time.

The only way I could motivate myself to use the gym this past week was with a new Lululemon jacket. We all have our weaknesses.

April 20, 2017

Stay-Cation, Connecticut

When school is out in April and us working parents must shuffle like mad to arrange some quality time with our kiddos, among the usual daily grind of deadlines and meetings, a real 'vacation' is just not in the cards. But this first spring break in our new town affords a great chance to explore and visit many of the places on our to-do list.

to eat: 

Sayulita is not to be missed. We used to live in Manhattan, a stone's throw from some iconic Mexican cuisine (Rosa Mexicana, Dos Caminos, Gonzales y Gonzales), so we have become spoiled. But this place lives up to its big city competitors, and the margaritas are too good to have just one.

to visit (with kids): 

The Connecticut Science Center is the perfect place to bring everyone (even baby Wells) for the afternoon. In downtown Hartford, this glass structure with see-through elevator is even good for sight seeing with view of the Connecticut River. They even have a rooftop garden with dinosaurs.

Not seasonal for spring break, but the numerous apple orchards in our town are amazing. When we lived on Long Island apple picking involved a 2 hour car ride out east, with traffic, lines, hoards of people, and no where to park. In Connecticut by contrast, there are so many orchards to choose from its rare to wait more than 5 minutes for a tractor ride and the views are spectacular. My favorites are probably Belltown and Rose's Berry farm.

to visit (without kids):

Old Saybrook has not only history but also a beautiful marina and hotel, Saybrook Point, where my mother docks her boat for several months of the summer. In April, the hotel is quiet and perfect for a quick overnight getaway. Since when my mother is here on the boat she doesn't have a car, she will be using Turo for a short term car rental. They are reasonably priced, and have tons of cars to choose from.

April 18, 2017


Life is great here lately, baby Wells has brought immeasurable joy to the family, and the sleepless nights riddled with anxiety over having another baby are a distant memory. The days are busy, and our plans for daycare were scrapped in favor of a hiring a nanny so we can still spend many hours of the day in close proximity to our nugget. Big brother loves his new baby brother more than I really thought was possible.

Wells at 11 weeks (left), Tucker at 11 weeks (right)

Cocktails at Sayulita

Moist important feature in the house lately

Typical Saturday morning
Tucker's new desk (overstock) and chair (pottery barn kids)
family of 4!
Happy Easter! Boys outfits: Janie and Jack, Mommy's romper: Loft

 Brunching with new friends

April 13, 2017

Spring Time (with kids)

Ah, Spring time. Fresh cut flowers, morning dew on the grass, the disappearance of winter's many snow piles, peep toe shoes, cajoling my 5 year old to participate at T-ball practice. We can hide many of our insecurities in the winter months, under puffy coats and behind closed doors huddled inside avoiding freezing temps. But once the warm rays start to break through closed blinds and sports fields shed their winter snow coats, its harder to hide from social pressure. For me, I always cringe when friends ask what sport my older son will be doing this spring. We have tried it all- Soccer, t-ball, lacrosse (well, we almost tried lacrosse). But time and again, he likes to dance to his own drum. He prefers building Legos to running on a field, and train adorned t-shirts to uniforms. It used to be a source of anxiety, how to explain to others that no, we don't have a team sport. No, we cant join you to play in the snow. Because if its what 'everyone else is doing', generally you wont find my son enjoying it. He has a lot of 'loves'- building, drawing, bike riding, museums, trains, gymnastics. But forcing him to play team sports is just not on the agenda. We try each season, with suggestions, mentions of friends that will be on the team. But no to avail. So this time we skipped the song and dance and just politely declined our new friends' invitations to join their children's various teams. So while many are up at 7am for Saturday practice, we're huddled on the floor watching a homemade train video or rescuing the latest piece of trash to build a Lego bridge with. And Im OK with that.

April 10, 2017

Spring Wear (Work From Home Edition)

So these days my wardrobe looks slightly different than it did a year ago. I've talked a lot about how style changes with age, and every few years certain pieces just don't seem to work any longer. Add to the mix a complete lifestyle change from working in a corporate New York office everyday, to serving clients from a home office 75% of the time, expanding the family by adding another tiny person, and my clothing needs have really done an about face.

Floral blouses are still a favorite, and you can't beat Loft for versatile options in this area, machine washable and wallet friendly. Some straight cut denim is still a must have, as are blazers that make anything I'm wearing look presentable in an instant. But on days I am not leaving the house, I need something super practical, still put together (thank you company wide video chat) but not at all fussy. Lou & Grey has been a savior, (how cute is this look?) as have my Lululemon tops that double as gym wear when the lunch hour is free and the new gym just 3 miles away.

Hell must have frozen over because I have purchased multiple pairs of sneakers (these are my favorites), and have even worn them outside of the house when I'm not headed to the gym. Nike is my new friend.

Loft Machine-Washable Blouse, $59

Lou & Grey Signature Soft Dress, $59 

Lululemon Define Jacket, $118

Nike Fklyknit, $120

But among the new pleasure I've discovered in athleisure wear and machine washable tops, the best new joy is definitely working 2 feet from my sweet new baby boy who is cared for by a fabulous nanny everyday while I can still feed and cuddle him anytime I want.

April 5, 2017

Happy Hosting + The Best Dip

It took a while, but we are settled in here in Connecticut and really loving it. We live on the best street we could have chosen, with amazing neighbors that are now friends. My turn to host the monthly 'book club' (aka wine night, where we forgot to even talk about the monthly book) was a treat for me, who loves to host, and an excuse to have everyone over to our new home.

A favorite new snack if mine is tzatziki dip. It pairs with crackers, carrot sticks or cucumber slices and is always present in my hostess spread these days.

1 cup greek yogurt (whole milk)
1 diced cucumber
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp lemon juice (fresh is best)
1 tsp chopped fresh dill
a little salt
blend and enjoy!

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