January 23, 2014

Fresh Fitness

So my no shopping resolution for the month of January started off strong, and by the 21st, had withered until my already suffering willpower simple went MIA. It started innocently enough, a $30 necklace from Bauble bar, and a spin class at Soul Cycle. But for the spin class I wanted new workout pants. And then a coordinating gym bag. And it went to hell from there.

Lululemon pink zip-up

Cute affordable leggings for spinning

CWonder tote for use as my new coordinating gym bag
Adorable cosmetic bag to keep gym necessities fresh and coordinating

Who knew I was so into pink? I blame all the preppy Tumblr sites I have become addicted to since getting an iPad mini this fall. So now, I resolve (again) not to buy a single thing for 30 days. Wish me luck!

January 21, 2014

In the Pink

Now that New Years is a distant memory, there's no reason to give up drinking deliciously until the next big event. One of my resolutions was to make random days feel fancy. Rose champagne is the perfect way to do this. Plus, how amazing does it look in a glass?

Kate Spade toasting flutes, an engagement gift in 2007 from my dear friend with amazing taste, Christine

January 20, 2014

Making the Cut (Part III)

Short hair is amazing. I feel like it goes with everything, a fun new accessory. But time between cuts has almost disappeared. Its always time for another appointment! This time, I'm thinking of going even a little shorter to 1) extend the life of my cut and 2) to try out these cuts I've been admiring, because 3) life is too short not to try something!

the amazing Ginnifer Goodwin

One of my favorite bloggers, Sam, at http://twinstyled.blogspot.com/
The impeccable Anne Hathaway

January 17, 2014

Thoughts on Friday

This weekend I need to make it a point to accomplish the following things:

1. find contractor to repair continual leak #2 in basement wall, return all home repair equipment that has resulted in much cursing and even more water
2. stop obsessing about aforementioned leak in wall
3. make an appointment for (an even shorter) haircut instead of just scrolling through tumblr all day admiring other people with such cuts (again, hair always grows back)
4. stop cursing over the email sent from preschool, informing me that adorable toddler's behavior was bad
5. eat
6. spin
7. drink

the end

January 14, 2014

Instragram Lately

Plaid at the office

Statement makers

new glasses

leopard loafers + new pink rug

J.Crew gems for Christmas

January 6, 2014

Whats in the Bag?

I love seeing what others carry around as their daily essentials. I tote my GiGi NY all in one bag with all my lip color, Burts' Bees lip balm, oil blotting sheets, and a Coach mirror my girlfriends gave me when I first traveled abroad to Australia back in college. Every now and then I'm inspired to change up my little bag and go for a totally new look. Case in point: Lipstick. How I made it to age 31 without really knowing the true power of a tiny tube of color is beyond me. Now, I can hardly leave the house without it. My favorite brand by far is Bobbi Brown.

Pictured above: 2 tubes of creamy matte for all day, saturated color, 3 tubes of creamy formula for soft shine and more sheer pigment, and 3 tubes of the classic lip color for a semi-matte finish that lasts through morning coffee and phone calls. Of all these, my favorite daytime shade is creamy blue raspberry, and my evening go to is creamy matte in crushed plum.

January 3, 2014

Closet Cravings

Men traditionally crave a room, in the basement perhaps, where they can stash their things, hang an oversize tv, and enjoy peace from a nagging wife, hyper children, and indulge in a beverage with fellow escapees. In our house, rather than a 'man cave' we have a 4th bedroom also know as my closet. I spend countless hours a week in here, dressing, grooming, organizing, and maintaining sanity. Since retail stores often provide me a sense of joy, the room is modeled after some of my favorite boutiques. A place for everything, and everything its its place.

We all have our things.....
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