January 23, 2014

Fresh Fitness

So my no shopping resolution for the month of January started off strong, and by the 21st, had withered until my already suffering willpower simple went MIA. It started innocently enough, a $30 necklace from Bauble bar, and a spin class at Soul Cycle. But for the spin class I wanted new workout pants. And then a coordinating gym bag. And it went to hell from there.

Lululemon pink zip-up

Cute affordable leggings for spinning

CWonder tote for use as my new coordinating gym bag
Adorable cosmetic bag to keep gym necessities fresh and coordinating

Who knew I was so into pink? I blame all the preppy Tumblr sites I have become addicted to since getting an iPad mini this fall. So now, I resolve (again) not to buy a single thing for 30 days. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Love all your pink selections. But, the C Wonder tote is to die for.



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