December 28, 2016

2016 In Snaps

A picture is worth 1,000 words, so here is a look back at the past year as summarized in a few of my favorite images. Next time you hear from me will be in 15+ days, and I'll probably be drinking wine and holding a new baby. Happy New Year to all!


And stripes....

Preppy casual

And more stripes

View from mom's boat

New House under construction

construction nearing the end

new living room!

my love

shot of the new dining room picked up by pottery barn

kitchen in progress

Spring tweed for a client lunch

watercolors from J.Crew

How I miss alcohol....

Yup! We moved from NY to CT!

Yup! Were ending a long line of only-children!

I miss regular clothes

Kitchen complete!

Exploring our new state- Essex Steam Train!

Berry picking in our new town

5 months pregnant

last shot as a family of 3

December 20, 2016

Sneakers For Leisure (And Fashion!)

My readers will know that I am not generally a 'sneakers' kind of girl. I have always had a pair or two for the gym and some outdoor running, but never a pair that saw the light of day away from exercise. Some of my favorite bloggers have been donning these super cute knit-style Nike sneakers, and being that 1) I work from home most days, 2) I now live in Connecticut and not NYC, and 3) am 9 months pregnant, it seemed like the perfect time to take the plunge and order a new pair of sneakers. I went with the Nike 'Flyknit' in this super cute colorway.

Since my compulsive personality has not mellowed with suburban life or a second pregnancy, as soon as my first pair arrived and I fell deeply in love, I had to order two additional pairs (one in black for the gym, one more in plain gray for weekends when there is no gym). I can say that I am a huge, huge fan of these sneakers. If you are anything like me and have resisted sneakers as leisure wear, give these a try. They maintain an elevated weekend style and are just as perfect with skinny jeans (hopefully mine fit next month) and a black Lululemon hoodie (this classic Scuba hoodie is my favorite, and my solid gray one is already packed in the hospital bag) as they are with leggings and a workout top.

December 14, 2016

Insta-Round Up

Probably my last one until post-baby (we have about 4 weeks to go), happy holidays!

Beautiful fall sights at Tucker's school!

Outfit  (all Ann Taylor) for CT Bar swearing in ceremony (30ish weeks pregnant)

Blooms from one of my college besties

Classroom volunteer for Tuck's Kindergarten class (33 weeks)

One of our last shots as a family of 3!

Artist hard at work

Black Friday outfit (33+ weeks)

Gingerbread house workshop at Lyman Orchards

Game night in our holiday-decorated living room

Lego-Fest 2016 in Hartford!

December 1, 2016

Life Lately

I should have learned by now that you really can never assume anything in life will go according to plan. No better example than a few weeks ago (at barely 31 weeks) when baby #2 tried to make his arrival nearly 9 weeks too soon. Some unpleasant and mildly worrisome symptoms presented late Thursday, and Friday morning the doctor sent us right to the labor and delivery unit at Hartford hospital. After confirming that I was in fact dilated a few centimeters and having real contractions, the doctor informed me we would have to stay the night at least. This news, when you have a 5 year old at home who wants to wear you like velcro, is not welcomed.

Multiple shots, 4 failed IV attempts with a 5th that finally took, and several oral doses of medication later and it seemed things were quiet. It took pleading at 4am to convince the doctor to send us home on monitoring the following day, and when we finally returned home to our little nugget all felt right again. Of course now there is no more gym, no more laundry, and no more long walks. Every day closer to the 40th week is progress, and even after all this baby #2 may stay put until his actual due date so that's all we are hoping for now.

On the home front, being on modified bed rest is a unique form of torture. Ill be in the midst of some mundane house chore (like spotting a pile of discarded arts and crafts left by precious Tucker, and insisting every last scrap be cleaned up right this minute) when contractions ensue and I'm reminded I'm not fit to do anything. Or while attempting to make my usual mashed maple sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving, and after discovering more than half the potatoes are rotten, I am too winded to start over and the whole thing gets tossed (not to mention I cant really even drive to the store alone). Patience are in a shorter supply than the new Chloe bag at Barneys, and everyone is trampling mine.

A saving grace has been the ladies in the book club I joined this summer, made up of women in my little neighborhood, who upon hearing of my ordeal came together with a meal drop off schedule and bring homemade dishes (or amazing take out!) to our house twice a week. As a friend from home reminded me, we're not on Long Island anymore! I cant quite thank them enough so I'm hoping a round of margaritas when I can get a normal pair of pants on this winter will do. Speaking of pants, its been weeks since I had on anything but leggings or pajamas.

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