July 11, 2017

Beauty Routine: Evenings with kiddos Edition

Since I became a mom a little over 6 years ago, evenings take on an entirely different meaning for me than they once did. long gone are the days of leisurely drinking wine while watching as many shows as I want (I now binge watch on my iPad while the baby sleeps on top of me, and chug wine with one hand while feeding him with the other). Nighttime beauty and sleep are the same way, they need to be fast, efficient, and not too expensive.

I NEVER sleep in my makeup. It doesn't matter if I spent 2 hours unsuccessfully trying to coax my littlest baby into his crib at night, I will not skip face washing. Right now I'm using BeautyCounter's balm ($80), and then Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Micro Cleanse ($30). I tone with a variety of toners depending on the night (Clinique, Estee Lauder, Biologique Recherche) and use eye cream (love this one).

I spend less time on my mattress now than ever. Having a new baby reminds one never to take sleep for granted. So when I actually am in my bed, I need to be comfortable. The Leesa trial is great- 100 nights- so if you chose wrong, no worries. The baby likes it too, since he basically only sleeps on top of me, in our bed. (Maybe Leesa should try crib mattresses and we can trick him into thinking hes still in our bed.)

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