June 10, 2016

Thoughts on a Friday

thoughts on a friday

I declined dinner plans tonight because I have 3 new  Bravo episodes on DVR, and nothing is more exciting than Bravo on a Friday.

Did you know Blink182 has a new album available for pre-order on iTunes? Hello 1998, driving my parents car screaming the lyrics to Dude Ranch with my besties.

We are closing on the sale of our Long Island home in 5 days. This morning the garage doors wont close, a gutter fell off and the clothes dryer howls after 5 minutes of use. The house is rebelling. 

Holy homesickness! The sight of packed boxes and empty walls is overwhelming. We haven't even moved yet, this cant be normal, can it?

June 6, 2016

New House Update (14 days to go) And Some Reality

As much as I'm ecstatic about the move, I'm already feeling a touch of homesickness and we haven't even left yet. I have lots of friends I'm leaving on LI, and my sweet Tucker loves his friends so much. I fear the first Saturday in our house when he asks to have a friend over, and we have no friends to call. He will go to camp in July so I hope he meets some new friends there. Everyone says the summer before kindergarten is the ideal time for this kind of move, but I can't help the anxiety in the pit of my stomach now that its so close. If anyone wants to come for a play-date please give us a call :)

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