June 6, 2016

New House Update (14 days to go) And Some Reality

As much as I'm ecstatic about the move, I'm already feeling a touch of homesickness and we haven't even left yet. I have lots of friends I'm leaving on LI, and my sweet Tucker loves his friends so much. I fear the first Saturday in our house when he asks to have a friend over, and we have no friends to call. He will go to camp in July so I hope he meets some new friends there. Everyone says the summer before kindergarten is the ideal time for this kind of move, but I can't help the anxiety in the pit of my stomach now that its so close. If anyone wants to come for a play-date please give us a call :)

1 comment:

  1. AnonymousJune 06, 2016

    What a beautiful house, Christina! You really should've been an interior decorator. It looks like such a calming space -- and I can imagine lots of great dinner parties starting in that kitchen. I hope the transition is a smooth one for you and your family!



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