January 30, 2015

Packing Light

Packing Light


For my 36 hour trip to Florida, I need only the basics for spending 2 nights aboard my mom's boat and the quick 2.5 hour flight each way. Stripes and Sperry's are a must, as are light weight jeans, a hat and Gone Girl on my iPad.

January 29, 2015

The Perfect Pout by Nars

The Perfect Pout by Nars


I have been living in these 3 shade families for months now. There is nothing like being able to pull the perfect color combo out of your purse and knowing it will be spot on. The lipsticks on their own are great, but the pairing of these shades with these lip glosses give them a little depth and staying power without changing the beauty of the underlying shade. 

January 22, 2015

DIY: Hair Color

My friends can tell you that I have tried and failed more than once with do-it-yourself hair color kits. There was the Sun-in incident of 7th grade that I may never live down (naturally dark brown hair + bleach = orange disaster). But since then I have learned to love my natural hue. Rather than trying to make it dramatically different, I enjoy brightening it up or enhancing whats already in there. While I grown it out, trying different semi-permanent tints has been a nice way to mix it up (since yes, I get bored with my hair very easily as you can see).

I love the auburn strands that this color brings out (L'Oreal's 'Dark Auburn', #4R). I used to shy away from anything red, always choosing an ash-based brown. But since my hairdresser suggested we take the natural red in my hair up a notch, I am a huge fan.  This formula is easy to use, drip-free, about $9, and I prefer it to the newer foam options the end up all over my bathroom (and my face). You can see the results on Instagram, let me know what you think :)

January 21, 2015

Beauty 101

Even before I had a baby, when I was a busy law school student, I've always been into my morning routine. I can't really have a good day if I don't step out of the house in a coordinating outfit, and at least some basic makeup. My daily essential are simple but also transforming (ie a night of no sleep, too much wine, or not enough coffee can be camouflaged).

Eyes: Chanel's quad is amazing. I also love the Naked original palette. For concealer nothing beats the tarte color corrector (I wear light/medium).

Brows: I never even thought about my eyebrows until I turned 30. Now I feel like I cant leave the house without at least some pencil. Most days I use the Anastasia double ended brush and their new pomade called Dipbrow to lightly fill and hold my brows in place. This stuff is better than any tinted gel I have ever used.

Skin: tarte's BB is my daily go to, I use Lancome's Teint Idole when I'm going out. For cheeks I love the Naked palette in Flushed, and tarte's cheek tint in blissful. I also like the Nars' The Multiple in Orgasm and Maui. Sometimes I sweep a little Clinique loose powder on top, but in the winter I usually avoid powder.

Lips: Where to begin. My current favorites are either Chanel's all day liquid in Light Rose, or Nars' Audacious formula in Raquel or Anita. On top I will add a coat of Nars' gloss in turkish delight or orgasm. I also like MAC from time to time, but less so since I've discovered the Chanel and Nars Audacious formulas.

Scent: I used to have 8-10 different perfumes on hand at all times. I have pared this down to 3 great options- Ralph Lauren for year round, J.Crew Arquiste No. 31 for fall/winter, and Chanel Mademoiselle for special events (or a day I need a little extra help).

What are some of your daily go-to's?

January 13, 2015

When it Rains....

The old adage is quite true. On Sunday night, heading out to a dinner I had been looking forward to for most of the day, our beloved Explorer broke down. Seeing the car my dad once drove on the back of a flat bed truck, knowing it was not to be revived, was bad enough. But the messy after math of losing a parent as an only child, and navigating the rugged terrain of a relationship with the surviving parent is like grinding salt into a gaping wound that wont heal.

We arrived home from the ordeal to a thermostat that quit working, in 20 degree arctic conditions. The washing machine that needed a simple belt replacement (that we spent $450 on 3 weeks ago) now needs a new timer, and new knob thanks to a repair man with too many thumbs. The only working garage door has given up. Tuition for Tucker's pre-summer program is due (yes, on Long Island there is not only summer camp but pre-camp, which working parents have no choice but to pay for). A new attorney in our West Coast office has stepped on my toes and I've cried at work.

While we wait to pick up our second new car in less than 2 months, I will tackle the 100 emails in my inbox, cut out my twice weekly trips to Starbucks, and be happy that my sweet son is still smiling.

January 12, 2015

City Work Wear

City Work Wear

On bitter cold New York days in January, I find the days commuting to client appointments and meetings in the city to be a challenge. Between the windy train platform, the slushy subway stairs, and the whipping wind coming off the water down on Wall street as I head to my office its entirely too difficult a day for a fancy heel. So I opt for flat riding boots, tights, a different dresses layered over a classic white oxford shirt. The look is still pulled together, yet also practical for the elements and the schlepping around town. 

January 7, 2015

In Review: Under-Eye Corrector

In my never ending search for the perfect under-eye concealer, I've tried hundreds of products. I still like the Bobbi Brown corrector and cream concealer I mentioned last year, but I have  anew holy grail. Tarte products are all natural, and have no chemical ingredients that so many beauty brands still contain. I am already a huge fan of their BB primer, so its no surprise that this newest addition to their line up is a win. The CC under-eye corrector is amazing! It goes on smoothly yet is super pigmented, and actually covers my horrendous circles better than anything I've tried. Its $24 which is modest in the beauty market, and I can tell the small compact will last a while. I've already purchased a second to keep in my purse. It settles into lines a a little but can be patted out with a ring finger easily as needed. I highly recommend you give this a try.

Happy Hump-day!

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