October 21, 2013

In Review: Concealer

I have been plagued with dark under-eye circles for as long as I can remember. (I have a distinct memory of a boy in my 6th grade class asking me what was wrong with my eyes, when I asked him what he meant, he replied that they were blue in the corners. Ah the innocence of youth). So over the years, and my early career in the fashion industry, I had many, many products at my disposal. Some were fine, but until now I've never 'loved' anything.

Enter: Bobbi Brown corrector + creamy concealer kit. Amazing. The price is not so bad ($24 and $33 respectively; if you think of what you'd spend for a great necklace or pair pf pants this is a small investment is something you use everyday and will last many months).

Apply the corrector about 10 minutes after your usual eye cream. (I use my finger). Let it set for another 5 minutes, then dab the creamy concealer on top, very lightly. Dust a hint of the powder on top to set everything. The whole process take about 6 minutes to complete (5 of those minutes being the time you let the corrector set prior to application of the creamy concealer). The result is amazing. I wish Bobbie Brown would pay me to review this and give me some free products!!!

1 comment:

  1. I used to use this and loved it too! I must have run out and not replaced it but I may just need to pick it up again because my under eyes are in need! So great to catch up on your blog!



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