October 7, 2013

Retail Therapy

Admittedly, I've been stressed more than usual as of late. And I'm sure there are some ways of coping that are healthier than others. And this past week, I am fairly certain I engaged in activities that would fall into the unhealthy category. After a client meeting in NYC, I took the opportunity to meet my sorority sister and confidant (who happens to share my initials now that we are both married). We indulged in a little beauty shopping, which ended with the purchase of a simple tube of Bobbi Brown lipstick in Beige (which I highly recommend).

Once I put on the lipstick, ate my $15 salad, and headed back to Long Island (to work the rest of the day from my serene white lacquered desk at home), I fell totally in love with my purchase that did not fade at all. In my state of retail binge, I searched for more Bobbie Brown to buy. I then spied my make up collection on my vanity, and decided it had to be reorganized, including a new display. So one eye shadow palette, 3 more lipsticks, one pot of concealer, powder, and cheek stain later, I had effectively replaced my entire makeup supply (and exhausted my budget for the entire month of October on day #3). Sometimes it takes a fresh wash of color to brighten the day under the dim glow of the office lights!

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