August 19, 2014

My Essentials with Man Crates

My Essentials with Man Crates

Having a 3 year old and a fashion addiction makes one rethink what it means to pack light. I refuse to be the mom at the beach with 5 chairs, 10 bags, and a rolling cart so I'm serious about cutting out any nonessential from my routine. When asked me to share a list of a few essential items I couldn't live without, I had to think about both form and function.

1. Starbucks. Yes, its hyped and overpriced, and there are lines, and terrible spelling crimes committed on most cups. But the earthy aromas and nutty blends engulf my tired senses each morning as I await the first delicious sip.

2. Lipstick. Not to be a total girl, but I need the butter soft, smooth infusion of moisture and color from Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color on my lips almost hourly. I can't fathom surviving a day without it.

3. Wine. Similar to the cherry on top of a sundae, a good glass of full bodied Cabernet is the best part of a good day (besides of course playing trains with my 3 year old).

4. Tory Burch. I am a bit addicted to a top handle bag, something about the security of holding my essential items in my grasp, feeling the saffiano leather against my palm. I would be lost without my trusty tote.

5. Sunnies. Because I detest fine lines, and can't imagine a day in the sun without my shades.

What are a few things you can't live without? Click here for the essential gift the next time you need the perfect gift for your favorite guy.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely can't live without my Coach sunglasses and tote, Stila's Stay All Day liquid lipstick, my iPad/iPhone and since my Starbucks addiction is now in full swing, a white chocolate mocha!


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