July 30, 2014

Fashion Times

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I'm in the midst of a one-third life fashion crisis. The last time I remember this feeling I was 23, working as a buyer at Ann Taylor, and realized one day as I zipped up my favorite pair of boot cut Seven jeans that I was not a college kid anymore, and my wide bottom jeans had to go. Shortly after that, half my wardrobe sat in a donation pile waiting for my friend Rebecca to come and sift through.

Since the epic purge of 2005, I went to law school, got married, had a baby, went back to work as a lawyer, turned 30, then 31, and now 32. Slowly the same feeling has crept its way back as I get dressed these mornings, trying to find a good outfit for the steamy humidity of New York in July, while balancing my new-ish career among the business professionals ranging from fellow 30-something contemporaries to those far higher in the ranks. Skirts purchased a mere season ago suddenly seem too young, too short. And the pencil skirts I've been clinging too since pre-Tucker days hug my post- 9 pound natural baby delivery hips a little too tightly. Dresses I loved now feel far too immature. And don't get me started on summer shoes.

Whats a girl to do? Lucky for me Rebecca is coming to town any day now to take another heaping pile of clothes off my hands (she is 2 years younger and now lives in California, therefore anything goes). And without the funds to makeover my office wear, I need to make old seem new, and feel comfortable in what I own. The worst feeling I can have at work is suddenly realizing I hate my outfit. Bad enough the 90 pound amazon from the investment banking firm down the hall (clad in Prada and perfectly straight locks) always finds me in the restroom desperately trying to tame my frizzy summer curls. Showing up in a skirt that all of a sudden feels 2 inches short and a top that is more suited for ladies who lunch than women who work adds insult to injury.

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July 28, 2014

Work Wear

Tee, belt- Jcrew (similar belt); pants, necklace- Banana (similar necklace); shoes- Sole Society
Skirt, top-Loft (skirt last seen here); shoes- Franco Sarto (old), sunnies- Ralph Lauren (similar)

Skirt- J.Crew (on crazy sale here); top- J.Crew; shoes- Tommy Hilfiger
Skirt, blouse- Ann Taylor (blouse here); shoes- DSW
Pants-  J.Crew 'Minnie'; top- Loft, necklace- J.Crew; shoes- Franco Sarto

July 25, 2014

Summer Friday

My office is nice enough to let us out at 3:00 on alternating Fridays all summer long. Instead of the usual-using the extra hours to vacuum or clean the bathrooms at home- today I'm picking up Tucker a little early and heading to the Port Washington Yacht Club pool with our friends who were kind enough to invite us to enjoy it with them on this amazing summer Friday. Nothing says summer like a preppy pool day (and no one does swimsuit like J.Crew)!

July 24, 2014

Working Mom Working Out

I actually hate the gym. I go, but I hate it. This January my friend Jane introduced me to Soul Cycle, the super expensive indoor spin class where the lights are off, the music is blaring, and the bikes are sold out 4 minutes after registration opens each week. I am hooked. Since we survive on one steady income peppered with unreliable clients as my husband sweats to build his own law practice, frequenting Soul Cycle more than once a week is just not an option. And rather than undo all the good work I do each Saturday, I've forced myself to hit the gym across the street from my office at least 2 days a week during lunchtime. Needless to say, the only motivating factor when the clock strikes 12 is a cute gym outfit, and the thought of a Starbucks Doppio afterwards. Lululemon is super cute, but not at all within my budget. So rather than go into debt buying clothes to sweat in, I've found fabulous options from places like Joe Fresh and Old Navy.

For a light jog at the gym:
Joe Fresh Tank, under $15
Old Navy shorts, $15

Or for spin class:
Old Navy tank that is cute enough to wear out afterwards


Coordinating capris from Old Navy for $14!
And for lounging around after said workout, I love these pants from Athleta I discovered when featured by my blogger friend Zhara at Love Zahra:

Athleta sweatpant, $89 so Ill be saving up for these....

July 21, 2014

Summer Dressing

The perfect outfit for summer days spent slaving away at the desk, when a floral print is as close as you will get to the great outdoors. Keep the palette light and the top loose to balance a classic pencil skirt (my all time favorite piece for all 12 months).

J.Crew top (on sale!)

Classic pencil skirt


Basic nude pump for all seasons
A statement bracelet, because no ensemble is complete without an accessory

July 16, 2014

Preppy Stripes

Summer events are a great time to pull out the brights that spend most of the year buried in the closet. We had the pleasure of attending a first birthday party for our good friends' daughter at their yacht club, and I couldn't wait to give my favorite summer dress a day out. What's no to love about pink, yellow and turquoise on a hot summer day?



Necklace: Loft
Shoes: Banana
Dress: Loft

July 14, 2014

In the Bag

Tory Burch York Tote in dark plum
Wallet, phone case, iPad mini case GiGi New York
Chanel sunnies
Mac 'blankety' lipstick and 'lychee' lipglass
Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' perfume roller

I try to keep it down to only the essentials when lugging my back to and from work each day, or on the train, on the subway and all around the city. I also rotate bags frequently which gives me a chance to weed out any junk on a consistent basis. Plus, bags make me happy.

July 10, 2014

Dress for Success

My first large presentation in my post-law school career finally arrived, and amid nerves and exhaustion from memorizing power point slides all night, I managed to do just fine. Dressing for the occasion was as important as the content, so I went with classics.

Dress: Ann Taylor
Pearls: Tiffany (borrowed from my Mom)
Shoes: Kate Spade

Kate Spade 



July 8, 2014

Classic Pairings

Some of the greatest things in life are not new, not unique, and not different. The same is true for style, as classic black and white is still my favorite combo. A summer weight sweater and black pencil skirt are perfect for July days in the office where you are not sure who you may see in the course of a 10 hour workday.

NJDJ via 6pm, similar alternative to my look below


My favorite black pencil of all time, $79 at Ann Taylor


A neutral yet bold necklace from J.Crew


July 2, 2014

Fun in the Sun (?)

The first day of camp came and went, amid a 3 page list of supplies, hundreds of labels, 3 different kids of sunblock, and enough water bottles to keep an army hydrated for a month. Getting to work after the send off felt like a vacation, and time for nap. Of course the new daily battle seems to be the wearing of the bathing suit. When we are beach bound, this is not such a difficult task. However my creature of habit knows that it is a weekday morning, not a beach day, and somehow doesn't equate this with an appropriate time to wear a suit. No, he prefers a pair of madras shorts and a polo. Which would be fine under normal circumstances, but since he attends camp under the iron fist of the preschool owner that I'd rather fight the IRS than go against, this is not such a small issue. Luckily my patient husband is left to attend to this chore as I wave from the car and head to the office for a day far less burdensome than prepping a 3 year old for summer camp.

July 1, 2014

Outfit Overview

Client meeting: yellow J.Crew blazer, Loft dress, Vince Camuto peep toes, Ann Taylor sunnies

Client dinner: Ann Tyalor shift dress, J.Crew necklace, Ann Taylor clutch, Ann Taylor sandals

A Monday at work followed by errands: Loft blazer, JCrew chinos, C.Wonder shell
Sunday afternoon birthday party: J.Crew top and short, Ralph Lauren Sandals,  Michael Kors watch

Client lunch meeting: Banana tweed jacket, J.Crew Cafe Capri, J.Crew statement necklace, Banana wedges

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