July 24, 2014

Working Mom Working Out

I actually hate the gym. I go, but I hate it. This January my friend Jane introduced me to Soul Cycle, the super expensive indoor spin class where the lights are off, the music is blaring, and the bikes are sold out 4 minutes after registration opens each week. I am hooked. Since we survive on one steady income peppered with unreliable clients as my husband sweats to build his own law practice, frequenting Soul Cycle more than once a week is just not an option. And rather than undo all the good work I do each Saturday, I've forced myself to hit the gym across the street from my office at least 2 days a week during lunchtime. Needless to say, the only motivating factor when the clock strikes 12 is a cute gym outfit, and the thought of a Starbucks Doppio afterwards. Lululemon is super cute, but not at all within my budget. So rather than go into debt buying clothes to sweat in, I've found fabulous options from places like Joe Fresh and Old Navy.

For a light jog at the gym:
Joe Fresh Tank, under $15
Old Navy shorts, $15

Or for spin class:
Old Navy tank that is cute enough to wear out afterwards


Coordinating capris from Old Navy for $14!
And for lounging around after said workout, I love these pants from Athleta I discovered when featured by my blogger friend Zhara at Love Zahra:

Athleta sweatpant, $89 so Ill be saving up for these....

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  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2014

    Isn't going to the gym on your lunch hour great? That's the only way I can fit in a workout during the week. I love Athleta - they have great clothes. I just wish they weren't so pricey ; (



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