July 2, 2014

Fun in the Sun (?)

The first day of camp came and went, amid a 3 page list of supplies, hundreds of labels, 3 different kids of sunblock, and enough water bottles to keep an army hydrated for a month. Getting to work after the send off felt like a vacation, and time for nap. Of course the new daily battle seems to be the wearing of the bathing suit. When we are beach bound, this is not such a difficult task. However my creature of habit knows that it is a weekday morning, not a beach day, and somehow doesn't equate this with an appropriate time to wear a suit. No, he prefers a pair of madras shorts and a polo. Which would be fine under normal circumstances, but since he attends camp under the iron fist of the preschool owner that I'd rather fight the IRS than go against, this is not such a small issue. Luckily my patient husband is left to attend to this chore as I wave from the car and head to the office for a day far less burdensome than prepping a 3 year old for summer camp.

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