April 29, 2015


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Spring Trench

Easter Dinner Table

Graphic Top from Banana Republic

My favorite look = blazer + jeans
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April 22, 2015

Baseball Chic: April in New York

baseball chic

baseball chic by christina-villecco 

Featured piece: this awesome MLB Yankees cap from Fanatics.com. Because once April hits in New York, there's nothing better than grabbing your casual chic jeans and sneakers, and heading to the field with some friends. Id wear this outfit on a weekend as well running errands and grabbing coffee with girlfriends. Its all about the color combo for me, and the classic New York essence of a Yankees cap. What does spring in New York mean to you?

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April 15, 2015

How to: Facial Cleansing

Whether you're blessed with great skin, or you have to really work at achieving a relatively average complexion (like me), you likely have a skin care routine down pat. I am constantly looking for new products, methods and tools to try. I read a recent post by Brooklyn Blonde on the cons of using foaming cleaners, and after some research when I couldn't sleep last week, I have to say that I'm on board with this claim.

I have stored all forms of foam in the back of my cabinet (where eventually my husband will use them when his current wash runs out), and am thrilled to have received my new wash and toner. The new lineup has been keeping me clean yet soft, with no pesky white flakes or huge breakouts. The tools and techniques have also made a difference for me.


  • Take off makeup with Clinique take the day off balm applied to dry skin, and remove with a warm, wet washcloth, which I have to say is a huge game changer in how the makeup comes off (I'm going to try this balm when my Clinique runs out)
  • Cleanse with First Aid Beauty cleanser and Clinique sonic cleansing brush
  • Tone with Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 (a french product available only from a spa in PA that ships to NY for $10 that I discovered by reading Brooklyn Blonde and has been worth every penny) OR these pads from First Aid Beauty, about 3 times a week
  • Finish with Clinique serum and oil free gel, and one of 3 eye creams I have on hand, but am not really in love with either so suggestions welcome!


What are some new products or techniques that have changed your routine?

April 9, 2015

Put a Blazer On It

Put a Blazer On It

I really cannot get enough of a good blazer. I've had a harder time picking work outfits this month, perhaps its unseasonable lingering chill here in NY, perhaps its being 32 and feeling in between life stages. But whatever the occasion, I throw on a blazer and instantly feel better and more pulled together. Its no secret that J.Crew is my go to for all wardrobe needs, and their collection of blazer is probably my favorite part. Though usually pricey, I can't get enough. The 'Regent' is the season's newest addition, with its own stand collar and lighter linen blend.Ill be scouring the sale section on my upcoming day off, hopefully my little guy who is off from school wont mind!

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April 6, 2015

Design on a Dime with Target

Design on a Dime with Target

Since we bought our house in 2012, I don't think I'm ever truly 'done' with the decor. I love gray and white basics with pops of citron green throughout. Even once you chose a color palette, there are infinite ways to play up or play down the chosen hues and the overall saturation of the theme. These are 2 examples of how the same palette can play out differently based on the pieces you choose.

April 1, 2015

On Potty Training

I have read the potty training boot camp book. I have had many friends tell me it was a life saver. I have read countless blogs, message boards, and ranting news articles by parents with all forms of knowledge on the perfect method to get your kid trained in a weeks time. But what I just cant understand, is how the kids in the books are so compliant. Despite the anecdotal 'accidents', on all forms of wood or expensively carpeted floors (or walls), the kids in these tales seem to come out as obedient, potty-trained machines in little to no time.

My 3 year old is not so easily broken. Like the legendary 30 year old horse at my barn growing up named Image, who would fly through a 9 rail course in under 2 minutes flat despite his riders' best efforts to slow him, my child just wont succumb to pressure no matter how gently (or forcibly) applied.

I have tried the overpriced Thomas engines (his favorite). The bags of M&Ms that his teachers find success with. Bribes, pleadings, promises, tears, and indifference. Nada.

Until one glorious day, after days (weeks?) spent without one mention of the potty, I was standing in 4 inch heels on a delayed and packed train that crept through the tunnel inching toward Penn station. My husband texted me that our son insisted on underwear today. He seemed irritated, so I texted faster than my fingers would allow to say 'great! make a fuss! pack extra pants!' worried he might try to dissuade him. Luckily my messages were received, and off to school my tot went in said underwear. I was so excited I proceeded to tell my client (whom I had to jog in those heels to meet thanks to the LIRRs usual lack of punctuality) about what a great morning it was. Since then we have had some downs (refusals to go, and a nearly broken nose when I rushed to fetch his potty only to run full force into marble sink) but mostly ups. Nothing about parenting is easy, most of it leaves an otherwise capable adult feeling like an utter imbecile (or crying when no one is looking). But its pretty awesome.

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