September 2, 2016

Thoughts on a Friday (Kindergarten edition)

Tucker started Kindergarten yesterday. I spent all day thinking about what he was doing, if he made any friends, if he ate his lunch, if he listened, if he talked, if he laughed, how he'd find his bus when it was time to go home. After attending the orientation the day prior, which was chaotic to say the least, I had a perpetual knot in my stomach making it impossible to eat and difficult to hold back tears that seemed to well and flow at the mere mention of Tucker and school. Watching the other kids run to each other, mothers giving well known hugs to fellow parents and so much familiarity made me deeply sad at the life we left behind. And next came the doubt, questioning why exactly we moved 130 miles away to a place where I still don't really know a single person, am often isolated and alone, and longing for nothing more than simple things like my office and my friends, and the occasional play date for Tuck.

Moving is hard, and we are in month #3. I wish to undo it at least once each week. Friends who made similar large scale moves have said it takes a year. But I fear that will be like when people said it takes 12 weeks for the baby to become easier. I watched the calendar with Tucker back in 2011, willing the days to tick by. And then when it struck the 3 month mark, I wondered what was wrong with me, and why wasn't the magic transition upon us yet as promised?

One day at a time, yes?

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  1. Aw! I hope Tucker had a great first day at Kindergarten. Moving is so hard--and it does take time. But you will make friends and establish a routine in your new place. Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!


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