November 4, 2013

Clutch It

You probably know my obsession with clutches is nothing new. And yes, they are not always practical for a lawyer and mom to a 2 year old, but I love them all the same. I also cannot get enough monogram, so the combination is just irresistible for me. Mark and Graham has been a holiday favorite since the brand first emerged last year, and recently I've been peaking there for more daily essentials, like this super affordable ($35!) clutch.

The process of choosing not only the clutch color, but also the thread and the monogram style took many hours (and many ignored client emails while I debated between orange and gold, with the former ultimately winning out).

And though it doesn't seem so practical, I've found that actually, it can be. I toss it in my daily work tote and end up taking it for those spontaneous work lunches, trips to Target, and more rare happy hour dates with the Hubby when Nana feels like doing us a huge favor. Plus the color makes me happy even in cold, grey weather.

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