November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Threads

Thanksgiving was my Dads favorite holiday, because he said it was 'just about the food', no nonsense, gifts, etc. So he cooked everything we loved, puttered around all morning, got at least 5 different kinds of wine, and talked for nearly 4 weeks about it ahead of time. However our Thanksgiving many times took place not on Thursday, but on the Saturday following the calendar holiday (this allowed for me to spend the actual holiday in Connecticut with my hubby's family and his dad's fabulous sisters, their children, and in recent years, some of their children's children).

My Dad also always noticed a new pair of shoes, a new bracelet, and the distinctive sight of the many pieces of jewelry he had bought me over the years. He rarely failed to mention my wearing any of the above. So when choosing an outfit that will withstand a 3 hour car ride with a 2 year old, followed by a day of chasing said 2 year old around a big house (with stairs and multiple cats that will no doubt bolt at the sight of him), I will also take care to wear things I know my Dad would love.

And for Tucker, who remember will only wear cotton sweatpants these days:

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