November 7, 2013

A Little Leather Lust

I love the leather trend this fall, but a mother/lawyer can't exactly pull of leather leggings in daily life. J.Crew helped me with this dilemma by offering this skirt (and Factory sweetened the deal with 30% off new arrivals and free shipping so this cost me about $50).

Houndstooth is decidedly preppy to soften the leather trim, but it still satiates my craving for 'trend'  (a remnant form my early post-college days as a fashion buyer, working 14 hours a day for very little pay, before practicality set in and I went to law school where I'd get to work even more, for even less :).

This full leather option is super cool, and I'm just not cool enough to wear it. But I do admire it, and the a-line cute makes it more practical and office-worthy for some people that have more liberal careers than I.

1 comment:

  1. the firs skirt is very cute; I love the mix of materials ;)


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