November 11, 2013

Mommy Maintenance

Daily skin care is usually just another thing of the long 'to-do' list for most women, especially moms. A new routine and some new products can make a tired routine seem fresh and even perhaps exciting (especially for those of us who consider a good Friday night to mean getting into bed before 10:00 pm!). One of my many quirks is insisting on having all my products from a particular line or brand. The lucky winner this time is Peter Thomas Roth. As someone who has been through an Accutane regiment once in my life, I take great care in what I put on my face. 








1. Complexion Correction Pads (Night)
2. AHA Acne Clearing, Anti-Aging Treatment (Night)
3. Sulfur Masque (1-2 times a week, at Night)
4. 3% Glycolic Acid Face Wash (Night)
5. Oil-less Oil 100% Squalene (Night)
6. Ultra-Lite Oil-free Moisturizer (Morning)
7. Gentle Foaming Cleanser (Morning)

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