February 27, 2015


pop of coral from Loft

New tray from West Elm

Homemade grapefruit margaritas

Sunday brunch with great friends

new varsity sweater

lunch date at Bar Frites

March Lucky breaks

My closet post- clean out

February 25, 2015

Denim for Work

My small, New York based firm merged with a large, California firm in October. Since then, its been a wonderful opportunity for me as a young lawyer to expand my horizons, and work with different people from different backgrounds. With this huge transition came the best one of all- a business casual dress code. And that's casual with a capital 'C', since our west coast partners have ushered in the long missed denim in the office. With these new outfit options came the necessary denim edit. Since having my son in 2011 and returning to work as an attorney, I never had any reason to really analyse my jean stock. Now, with a slightly different body than pre-baby, and less funds for $250 Seven and J Brand jeans, I've managed to make more budget friendly, and comfort orientated choices that still fit the 'business' element of the dress code. J.Crew is my go-to for work wear, and finding their classic denim cuts on sale has been the best way to stock my closet.

Denim for Work



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February 23, 2015

Statement Piece: Red Coat

This is not a new coat, nor is it something radical. But I really, really love it. I've had it since probably 2010 so its older than my son, and an annual trip to the cleaners has kept it in near perfect condition. J.Crew makes the most amazing coats, and this is no exception.

Coat, skinny jeans: J.Crew; Sweater: Nordstrom; Clutch: Louis Vuitton; Booties: Sole Society 'Addison'

February 19, 2015

Work Wear

Dress: J.Crew factory; Blazer: Ann Taylor; shoes:Vince Camuto

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February 11, 2015

Skirt Edition

skirt edition


I love wearing skirts, they make you feel polished and ready for a good day in the office. I am less of a fan of skirts in the winter, when they need to be layer with tights that suck at my stomach all day and inevitably end up gathered at my ankles by day's end. But spring is just around the corner, so its the perfect time to do some closet editing and fill the holes with some new skirts the all my favorite shapes!

February 5, 2015

Skin Care Part II

I am the perfect consumer- a new commercial, a great new label, I'm in. I love to try new products, but more than half of the time, I end up tired of them before they are finished. Luckily my husband has easy skin and he is happy to have all my hand me down cleaners and what not so nothing goes to waste. Despite the plethora of new, shiny skin care products with claims ranging form erasing wrinkles and age spots, to plumping crows feet and taking years off your face, I always go back to my first love: Clinique. In middle school, it was the very first make up my mother ever let me try (some rosy blush in 7th grade, followed by some concealer when those pesky 13 year old pimples first appeared). And since then I have always loved their full range of products.

Currently, I swear by the cleanser (I use both the mild formula and the new Sonic Soap, designed to pair with the face brush), the toner (I use number 3), and then have layered in the serum and the oil-free moisturizing gel. For those times when teenage blemishes appear, I still keep a bottle of Proactiv exfoliator and treatment lotion on hand, as nothing works better for acne. I still enjoy the Kiehls Calendula cleanser, so I have held on to that to mix up the washing routine once a week or so. I also love All About Eyes, a cult favorite and in my cabinet since age 18. I may need to add something a tad stronger for the eye area sometime soon as my 33rd birthday approaches in May, any recommendations?

February 3, 2015

All Aboard

I went to Stuart, Florida this weekend for a whirlwind 24 hour visit to attend a memorial for my Dad and the naming ceremony of my parents boat, Olympia. Once my mother decided to continue with the purchase of their dream boat after my Dad's passing, it seemed like time stood still. The vessel is finally in its home in Florida, and its beautiful (but also huge-nearly 60 feet long- and a little scary!) A little food poisoning (or seasickness?) made the trip a little extra difficult, as did the onslaught of snow and ice upon my return. But these pictures were worth the trip.

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