February 25, 2015

Denim for Work

My small, New York based firm merged with a large, California firm in October. Since then, its been a wonderful opportunity for me as a young lawyer to expand my horizons, and work with different people from different backgrounds. With this huge transition came the best one of all- a business casual dress code. And that's casual with a capital 'C', since our west coast partners have ushered in the long missed denim in the office. With these new outfit options came the necessary denim edit. Since having my son in 2011 and returning to work as an attorney, I never had any reason to really analyse my jean stock. Now, with a slightly different body than pre-baby, and less funds for $250 Seven and J Brand jeans, I've managed to make more budget friendly, and comfort orientated choices that still fit the 'business' element of the dress code. J.Crew is my go-to for work wear, and finding their classic denim cuts on sale has been the best way to stock my closet.

Denim for Work



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