October 27, 2014

Picture Perfect: A Week of Outfits

October 24, 2014

Thoughts on a Friday

After spending much of Tucker's early days asking 'when will he...' in reference to various milestones, I have realized that I love this age, and despite all the terrible things people say about the 3's (and our own share of moments when Id like to string him up by his ankles), it is the best age ever and I would like to freeze time now.

I reached a personal milestone this month in my professional life, and I have celebrated adequately with the perfect mix of cocktails, shopping, and time with friends. My credit card can attest to that.

Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I hate dressing up, large amounts of candy, and unruly teenagers. I'd prefer to spend the night on the couch with wine and Bravo.

Despite loving age 3, I really wish I could press a button and have Tucker potty trained this weekend.

October 22, 2014

Watch It

I love a masculine, large watch. I love wearing my Dad's Rolex Submariner, but since its worth more than my car, I fear wearing it every day. My dainty wrist may seem overwhelmed by a boyfriend style, but this is one of those times where I go with what I like regardless of its suitability.

Michael Kors 'Lexington' watch, in limited edition charcoal face

October 15, 2014

Dreams II

My mother sent me an onslaught of pictures this week as she welcomed her new Kadey Krogen, 'Olympia', to her new home in Stuart, Florida. After being built for the past few years in Taiwan, (you may recall this update from May) her boat has arrived stateside for the finishing touches, the most important of which is the stenciling of the name on the bow stern (I dont know anything). In January I'll be traveling to Florida for an emotional ceremony where we will scatter my Dad's ashes at a specific point in the harbor after cracking a bottle of Veuve (these boat people are crazy to waste such good champagne but apparently this is a tradition, and I'm not one to argue with that).

October 13, 2014

October Beauty Round Up

October Beauty Round Up

The cooler temps are the perfect excuse for a little revamping of the beauty routine. After 3 cocktails with the hubby in NYC we stumbled upon the Kiehls flagship on East 13th street and decided I needed everything they were selling. The best of my discoveries has been the Calendula collection and Ultra face lotion. For nails, nothing has been so revolutionary to my weekends as the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. Goes on like regular polish, dries with a fan, and lasts for at least a week if not longer. Try 'wine stock' and 'dig fig' to replicate the ever popular Essie 'wicked' or new 'dressed to kilt'.

October 9, 2014

New Arrivals

Olive, navy and cream are true fall colors that will never get old. The new arrivals at Loft are perfect for October.

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October 8, 2014


When it comes to bags, I've always been into high quality, classic choices. Since the days of shopping the Americana with my dad after a good report card, to my first pay check after college, I've been an investment bag shopper versus a lower cost, high quantity type of girl. And in my post-law school, post-baby, post-home purchase life, its not so different (although there are great, vast stretches of time in between such purchases). When good news came to me at work on the very anniversary of my dad passing, I knew it I had to stick to old traditions and make a purchase my dad would have told me to. (I also find it to be no coincidence at all that this news came on this day, as it was certainly my dad's hand at work to make it a date that something good happened). So after much deliberation and emails exchanged with Rebecca, I landed on my original choice from long ago before I was actually in the market to make a purchase.

Louis Vuitton Sac Plat Damier Ebene

This bag makes me feel like the uber-professional woman with its sleek design and classic lines. I will enjoy it for years to come.

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