October 13, 2014

October Beauty Round Up

October Beauty Round Up

The cooler temps are the perfect excuse for a little revamping of the beauty routine. After 3 cocktails with the hubby in NYC we stumbled upon the Kiehls flagship on East 13th street and decided I needed everything they were selling. The best of my discoveries has been the Calendula collection and Ultra face lotion. For nails, nothing has been so revolutionary to my weekends as the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. Goes on like regular polish, dries with a fan, and lasts for at least a week if not longer. Try 'wine stock' and 'dig fig' to replicate the ever popular Essie 'wicked' or new 'dressed to kilt'.

1 comment:

  1. Great beauty picks! I have been using Kiehls for years and swear by their skincare products. I will have to try the Sally Hansen gel polish. Anything that lasts longer than a week is a great find!



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