October 24, 2014

Thoughts on a Friday

After spending much of Tucker's early days asking 'when will he...' in reference to various milestones, I have realized that I love this age, and despite all the terrible things people say about the 3's (and our own share of moments when Id like to string him up by his ankles), it is the best age ever and I would like to freeze time now.

I reached a personal milestone this month in my professional life, and I have celebrated adequately with the perfect mix of cocktails, shopping, and time with friends. My credit card can attest to that.

Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I hate dressing up, large amounts of candy, and unruly teenagers. I'd prefer to spend the night on the couch with wine and Bravo.

Despite loving age 3, I really wish I could press a button and have Tucker potty trained this weekend.

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