May 4, 2016

New Discovery: Beauty Counter

I am forever in search of new makeup and skin products to try. The older I get, the more concerned I've become with health (but not to the point I'm giving up pizza or alcohol, lets be reasonable). My friend Sarah introduced me to Beauty Counter, and once several glasses of wine loosened my purse strings, I splurged on several new products. I am in love with everything, and already ordering more. If you want to get your feet wet with some natural skin care and makeup that is actually not just Eco friendly, but actually better than some of my popular brand faves (Clinique, YSL, etc) here are some good items to try.

The Cleanser (amazing smell) and good no matter what type of skin you have (I'm oily and it works well for me)

The pen Concealer is easy to apply, and manages to hide my epic dark circles easily. It also looks super chic on my makeup counter.

The eye cream is light and helps keep my under-eye concealer in place all day. It can be applied anytime of day which is nice for a mid day pick me up.

The prices are all very reasonable for the products, which is a big bonus for for me these days. Be sure to use 'Sarah Hawkins' as the consultant if you shop the site.


  1. Thanks for sharing about these products! I'm always looking for new beauty and skin care products to try -- and ones that are natural and Eco friendly are top of my list. I can't wait to shop the site. I've been looking for a new cleanser and this one sounds ideal.

  2. Over the past seven months, London's large department stores are selling the latest organic skincare range to hit the shelves by Stella McCartney's skin care range Care. Check This Out


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