October 31, 2013

Halloween (Fun?)

Every parent resigns themselves to the fact that, regardless of their own personal preference (or distaste) for the holiday, they will celebrate Halloween for the foreseeable future. The adorable picture of your tot donning the precious costume you agonized over choosing is no doubt the reward at the end of the sugar covered tunnel. But in this house, that photo opt will not come this year. Instead, our sweet little two year old prefers to scream at the sight of his Winnie the Pooh suit (which he loved and agreed to wear only days prior). The mere sight of the costume induces fear, resentment, and yells of 'back!' 'back!' (as in put it back, get it back, send it back, we are not entirely sure). But one thing is certain, as we happily trot along in the pack of our friends and their children this afternoon (that I used vacation time to attend), I will be carrying said costume over my arm while toddler goes costume-less (and jacket-less, another new, fun development). And did I mention, I hate Halloween and refused to dress up even in college (and even after several Solo cups of jungle juice?)

 Anyone else with Halloween woes?

1 comment:

  1. Haha this is so hilarious. The same thing happened with my little one this year but somehow I was able to bribe him to put his Spider Man suit on by telling him he had 'muscles like daddy'. Glad you had a good time - I'm with you on the Halloween thing, I'm kinda just 'meh' about it these days.



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