October 29, 2013

DIY Is Almost Done

My bedroom renovation project is almost complete. While I wait (patiently?) for the electrician to install the chandelier, I'll share some images of the pieces I collected for my (not so little) DIY.

I used Sherman Williams color 6255 'Morning Fog' on 3 walls, and color 6256 'Serious Gray'on the back accent wall. (Our living room and den are done in color 6254 'Lazy Gray' with bright white trim and molding).

Love this Thomas Lightning Chandelier, and after drooling over the 4 figure models I found online, this is even more fabulous because it cost less than $100!

The bed is a centerpiece of the room, so finding the perfect comforter was a challenge (especially on that ever-present budget). Love this one I found at Overstock in the grey/white combo.

This lamp is perched on my pretty white desk, giving me comfort in dark mornings. Check out Target for more colors.

These porcelain trays from West Elm  now hold toiletries in the bathroom, and jewelry and makeup on my dresser. The citron stripes are our perfect accent to the gray color scheme.

A few pillows on the bed give it warmth and are a perfect way to disperse the accent color into more parts of the decor. Stay tuned for the final pictures if that electrician even comes......

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