April 9, 2015

Put a Blazer On It

Put a Blazer On It

I really cannot get enough of a good blazer. I've had a harder time picking work outfits this month, perhaps its unseasonable lingering chill here in NY, perhaps its being 32 and feeling in between life stages. But whatever the occasion, I throw on a blazer and instantly feel better and more pulled together. Its no secret that J.Crew is my go to for all wardrobe needs, and their collection of blazer is probably my favorite part. Though usually pricey, I can't get enough. The 'Regent' is the season's newest addition, with its own stand collar and lighter linen blend.Ill be scouring the sale section on my upcoming day off, hopefully my little guy who is off from school wont mind!

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  1. I love J. Crew's blazers too. I always feel more put together when I add one to my outfit. That bold dress is so pretty, and perfect for spring...if it ever arrives in NY!



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