January 22, 2015

DIY: Hair Color

My friends can tell you that I have tried and failed more than once with do-it-yourself hair color kits. There was the Sun-in incident of 7th grade that I may never live down (naturally dark brown hair + bleach = orange disaster). But since then I have learned to love my natural hue. Rather than trying to make it dramatically different, I enjoy brightening it up or enhancing whats already in there. While I grown it out, trying different semi-permanent tints has been a nice way to mix it up (since yes, I get bored with my hair very easily as you can see).

I love the auburn strands that this color brings out (L'Oreal's 'Dark Auburn', #4R). I used to shy away from anything red, always choosing an ash-based brown. But since my hairdresser suggested we take the natural red in my hair up a notch, I am a huge fan.  This formula is easy to use, drip-free, about $9, and I prefer it to the newer foam options the end up all over my bathroom (and my face). You can see the results on Instagram, let me know what you think :)

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