August 27, 2013

Making Choices

Every day, we are faced with many choices. Some easy (which Lean Cuisine to pack for lunch? Hazelnut or vanilla coffee?) and some more difficult (how do you properly cite an unpublished case from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania?)

Most nights, my work day ends promptly at 5:30 (rare for a lawyer, let alone one with a 'Director' title, I know). I arrive home at 6:00, and have about 60 minutes to cuddle, bathe, snuggle, discipline, and negotiate with my toddler. He goes blissfully to sleep and then I'm faced with the decision of going to the gym, or watching one of the many seasons of Real Housewives I store on DVR like a fat kid hoards chocolate. I can usually make it to the gym 2 times a week, which I have set as a reasonable goal that I am satisfied by achieving at least 50% of the time. But most nights, the thought of even changing into gym clothes seems too daunting and I opt for the couch and Cabernet. Cleaning my toddler's toys up on a nightly basis burns at least a  few calories, and all that bending and lifting when he whines for momma has to add to the daily burn total. And on the days he is particularly feisty and refuses to brush his teeth, the forcible act of accomplishing that task morning and night has to shed almost a pound over the course of a week.

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