August 28, 2013

A Few New

Since Target has replaced Bloomingdales for me in terms of quick shopping trips during lunch time, its no surprise I've been able to find some pretty amazing things at the chain (which used to make me feel sad and long for my days living in NYC, down the block from all the shopping I could ever desire). But this week, while checking off school supplies from my toddler's very labor intensive preschool list, I also picked up a few things to satisfy my sweet tooth for fall fashion.

This belt was less than $20, and look every bit as good as the Michael Kors option I had been eyeing since last year.

This dress was less than $30, and actually looks great on with a blazer and heels for work.

And no trip to Target would be complete without a little something for my little toddler. This vest is so cute, I wish it came in my size!

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