August 9, 2016

Baby Registry (the Second Time Around)

I'm aware that many of the challenges I faced when we first brought our sweet Tucker home from the hospital  5 years ago will be waiting for me this winter all over again. Sleepless nights, worry, and wet diapers are all temporary yet very real reminders of new parenthood. And while I may not be able to do much to prepare for these trials, I can shop more efficiently this time around in an effort to prevent frantically sending my husband to Target at 1am looking for new bottles because the brand we chose are just not working. I'm not a fan of the second shower (or 'sprinkle' as some call them) so our registry (at Buy Buy baby this time) serves as more of a shopping list for ourselves. Here are a few essentials we will be stocking in the next few months.

I beg you- do not buy play-suits with snaps. Imagine fumbling to align and snap 12 of these in the dark at 2 am while baby is crying. Stick to the zip-up variety.

The wub-a-nub is the only pacifier that stayed in our son's mouth and didn't require constant picking up from the floor.

Ill never waste another penny on any other diaper brand- pampers Baby Dry is it for us.

Not just for feedings, many nights the Boppy was my own pillow. 

Dr. Browns saved our lives with a colicky, gassy baby the first time around.

Aden + Anais blankies are still my sons' bedtime necessity. After the swaddling months are behind us Im sure they will still fill our linen closet shelves.

The $100+ sleepers, rockers and swings are a total waste in my book, this $59 Fisher Price bouncer with music and vibration setting are a must for mid morning naps, 5pm witching hour, and anytime I just need to put the baby down.


  1. These seem like great picks! I'm not a mom, but I can totally see where the snaps on the play-suit would be a nightmare. Looks like you have all of your essentials down this time around!

  2. For the second time around I also highly recommend an easy to put on yourself baby wearing system (ergo, Katan, ring sling) whatever works for you for those moments when the baby won't be put down but you need hands to help the big. Saved my sanity around here.

  3. We have learned that snaps are not our friend unless they only go down one leg like the zipper does. And I love the Aden and Anais swaddles- I use them for everything (swadding, burp cloth, blanket, nursing cover, etc.)- they are the best! Congrats again- we are really happy for you!!


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