December 20, 2016

Sneakers For Leisure (And Fashion!)

My readers will know that I am not generally a 'sneakers' kind of girl. I have always had a pair or two for the gym and some outdoor running, but never a pair that saw the light of day away from exercise. Some of my favorite bloggers have been donning these super cute knit-style Nike sneakers, and being that 1) I work from home most days, 2) I now live in Connecticut and not NYC, and 3) am 9 months pregnant, it seemed like the perfect time to take the plunge and order a new pair of sneakers. I went with the Nike 'Flyknit' in this super cute colorway.

Since my compulsive personality has not mellowed with suburban life or a second pregnancy, as soon as my first pair arrived and I fell deeply in love, I had to order two additional pairs (one in black for the gym, one more in plain gray for weekends when there is no gym). I can say that I am a huge, huge fan of these sneakers. If you are anything like me and have resisted sneakers as leisure wear, give these a try. They maintain an elevated weekend style and are just as perfect with skinny jeans (hopefully mine fit next month) and a black Lululemon hoodie (this classic Scuba hoodie is my favorite, and my solid gray one is already packed in the hospital bag) as they are with leggings and a workout top.


  1. Love those sneaks--and the athleisure trend that is happening now. A stylish pair of sneakers (wow, I never thought I'd say those two words in the same sentence) are essential! Glad you are enjoying your purchase(s).


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