April 13, 2017

Spring Time (with kids)

Ah, Spring time. Fresh cut flowers, morning dew on the grass, the disappearance of winter's many snow piles, peep toe shoes, cajoling my 5 year old to participate at T-ball practice. We can hide many of our insecurities in the winter months, under puffy coats and behind closed doors huddled inside avoiding freezing temps. But once the warm rays start to break through closed blinds and sports fields shed their winter snow coats, its harder to hide from social pressure. For me, I always cringe when friends ask what sport my older son will be doing this spring. We have tried it all- Soccer, t-ball, lacrosse (well, we almost tried lacrosse). But time and again, he likes to dance to his own drum. He prefers building Legos to running on a field, and train adorned t-shirts to uniforms. It used to be a source of anxiety, how to explain to others that no, we don't have a team sport. No, we cant join you to play in the snow. Because if its what 'everyone else is doing', generally you wont find my son enjoying it. He has a lot of 'loves'- building, drawing, bike riding, museums, trains, gymnastics. But forcing him to play team sports is just not on the agenda. We try each season, with suggestions, mentions of friends that will be on the team. But no to avail. So this time we skipped the song and dance and just politely declined our new friends' invitations to join their children's various teams. So while many are up at 7am for Saturday practice, we're huddled on the floor watching a homemade train video or rescuing the latest piece of trash to build a Lego bridge with. And Im OK with that.

1 comment:

  1. To each their own. It sounds like Tucker has found what makes him happy.



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