April 10, 2017

Spring Wear (Work From Home Edition)

So these days my wardrobe looks slightly different than it did a year ago. I've talked a lot about how style changes with age, and every few years certain pieces just don't seem to work any longer. Add to the mix a complete lifestyle change from working in a corporate New York office everyday, to serving clients from a home office 75% of the time, expanding the family by adding another tiny person, and my clothing needs have really done an about face.

Floral blouses are still a favorite, and you can't beat Loft for versatile options in this area, machine washable and wallet friendly. Some straight cut denim is still a must have, as are blazers that make anything I'm wearing look presentable in an instant. But on days I am not leaving the house, I need something super practical, still put together (thank you company wide video chat) but not at all fussy. Lou & Grey has been a savior, (how cute is this look?) as have my Lululemon tops that double as gym wear when the lunch hour is free and the new gym just 3 miles away.

Hell must have frozen over because I have purchased multiple pairs of sneakers (these are my favorites), and have even worn them outside of the house when I'm not headed to the gym. Nike is my new friend.

Loft Machine-Washable Blouse, $59

Lou & Grey Signature Soft Dress, $59 

Lululemon Define Jacket, $118

Nike Fklyknit, $120

But among the new pleasure I've discovered in athleisure wear and machine washable tops, the best new joy is definitely working 2 feet from my sweet new baby boy who is cared for by a fabulous nanny everyday while I can still feed and cuddle him anytime I want.

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  1. Love these picks! I live in athleisure wear when working in my home office, and for the actual office, Lou & Grey is a fave. Hope your enjoying the nice spring weather!



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