April 4, 2014

Thoughts on a Friday

Its perfectly acceptable to skip the gym to avoid having to wash you hair on a  given night (or to plan your gym schedule around your hair-washing routine)

Giving up shopping for Lent, and then breaking your streak 10 days in, and again 15 days in because of an irresistible bag or a very bad day doesn't make you a bad person (nor does the fact that you have eaten meat on most every Friday since Lent began because you either forgot, or just really wanted it)

When your almost 3 year old disobeys you, throws a toy, spills his milk on purpose, then unmakes his freshly made bed while refusing to get into it, its OK to ask your husband if you should have just gotten a dog instead

Its OK to bring your own bottle of wine to a pregnant friend's house who has invited you over for dinner. Just bring something nice for her too.

The realization that you cant afford, in the same month, to pay for your 3 year old's birthday party, his summer camp, and your 10 year college reunion is miserable, only aforementioned bottle of wine can help.

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