April 9, 2014

Green Envy

After a particularly gluttonous lunch with my favorite coworker, I could hardly imagine moving from my desk for the rest of the day let alone getting myself to the gym after work. I decided I was going to quit eating to the point of combustion (it was a salad, as my husband points out when I complain) and eat everything green for a week. After Soul Cycle, I stop by the Organic Avenue juice bar for an overpriced concoction of something resembling liquid salad, and though I have to hold my nose to get it all down, I feel amazing afterwards (could be the endorphins from 45 minutes of intense sweating to pop music in the dark). I already love a crisp veggie juice from BluePrint so sticking to leafy goods for a week shouldn't be so bad, right? I highly doubt I will make it that long, but I like a challenge, at least for a few minutes.

On a side note, the North Shore of Long Island must be one of the few places women line up to spend $34 for a 45 spin minutes class, and compete to sign up at 12:00 on the dot each Monday for their favorite bikes (last week the entire Soul Cycle website crashed from this fierce rivalry), to be followed by downing expensive bottles of bitter greens. We are an odd bunch.

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