January 6, 2017

Thoughts on a Friday

Ok I lied, one more post before I deliver this enormous baby next week.

Last weekend our son who has not had a sick doctor visit in nearly 3 years succumbed to the vicious stomach virus ravaging the east coast. Despite the fact hes over 5 years old now, I still panic like hes a newborn at the sight of him being unwell. This illness necessitated a trip to target on New Years Day to replace both his bedding and ours, and an emergency call to the steam cleaning company to have all rugs and carpets sanitized (which, surprisingly, leaves carpets wet for days. Yes, days). My feet are still soggy from said steam cleaning as I type this at my desk.

Deciding which post-baby plans we can commit to, and which we need to decline is proving to be difficult. I realize I have no idea what to expect at this time next week, but being in the house basically since my hospital admission in November has made me an insane person desperate to do any and everything I can afterwards. Especially things that involve alcohol.

I have now spent more money on new Lululemon jackets, pants and numerous pairs of Nike sneakers than on food, baby supplies, or gas since December. But a pregnant woman needs something to look forward to wearing to the gym, right?

1 comment:

  1. You're almost there, Christina! Then you can wear all of the cute workout clothes you've been buying. Wishing you continued strength (and sanity) as you get through the next week.



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