June 13, 2014

Thoughts on a Friday

I have realized that after being introduced to Soul Cycle by my girlfriend Jane in January, I have spent more money on spin classes than on shoes or food since the start of 2014

It seems my obsession with Luna Bars has reached an all time high, because my 3 year old now requests them as a snack, a meal, and generally anytime he is asked what he'd like to eat (at least hes not asking for wine, right?)

Instead of using the extra 2 hours of freedom on glorious summer Fridays at work for shopping, beaching or cocktailing, I use them to go to the gym and watch Bravo in peace on the treadmill

I am really dreading June 15th this year, which makes me feel bad for my husband, one of the best dads out there. But I'm just too sad to feel okay about it yet and miss my dad so much it burns in my chest.

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