May 9, 2014

Thoughts on a Friday

Its OK to feel very stupid, after you've spent months bemoaning the fact that your toddler wont sleep alone, only discover that if you tell him you are going to sleep in your own room, he says 'OK' and goes right to sleep.

As the weekend approaches all I can think about is eating baked ziti, drinking margaritas with my friend, and playing trains on the kitchen floor with Tucker.

I skipped the gym most days this week, promising not to eat any dinner to make for it, and ended up drinking wine and eating pretzels while standing in the kitchen come 9:00 pm. Each Night.

Choosing the cake design for a 3 year old's party takes as much time as outlining a legal brief on Health Care Reform for a new client.

I still get excited about my birthday. Even if I say I don't.

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