March 20, 2015

Thoughts on a Friday

This week, when my 3 year old insisted on not wearing his diaper to school I was overcome with joy. I then proceeded to tell everyone I saw at work, including a client.

Sick of a cabinet filled with mismatched glasses, I finally splurged on a set of Riedel wine glasses. The very night they arrived, my husband broke one and we are back where we started. This made me cry.

A 3 hour time difference is actually a lot when you are now in charge of answering all legal questions from the California office. This also delays my evening wine drinking, which is a problem.

It is March 20, and it is snowing. And today is the day I decided to get the first pedicure I've had in 3 months. Just in time to shove my feet back into snow boots.

I let my 3 year old watch so much you tube that for his birthday, he is fixated on some 'Christmas train' from some video shot by a parent calling their child 'J-Funk'. I would pay any amount of money to locate said train.


  1. Happy first day of Spring! Can you believe we are getting snow today? I've bought so many sundresses these last few weeks - when will I get to wear them?

    Happy Friday!

  2. I hear you on the potty training--my little guy is announcing his need to use the potty everychance he gets--loudly.


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