August 13, 2015

Swatch It: Lipsticks

I am forever searching for the perfect everyday lip color. Each time I take a lunch trip to Bloomies, I browse the Bobbi Brown, Chanel, mac and Clinique counters, pulling the same rosy-hued, nude colors each time. I've realized that i actually already own the perfect colors for day to day office, meetings, lunches and dinners. So rather than searching, I'm just going to buy multiples of my favorites picks.

From top to bottom, the shades above are Clinique's Beauty (long last soft shine formula), Mac's Shanghai Spice (cremesheen), Mac's Modesty (cemesheen) and Macs Brave (satin). For a bruntee with fair to light skin and hazel green eyes like me, these shades are perfect everyday colors for all seasons. These formulas wear decently long, are soft to apply, and impart some subtle sheen but are not glossy. if youre on the hunt, I highly recommend these. What are your go-to lip picks?

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1 comment:

  1. I'm loving those colors for fall! Mac's Brave and Modesty are my faves. Though, I'm not quite ready to trade my corals for a darker hue just yet.


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