August 31, 2015

Closet Dreams

Closet Dreams, real estate, compass, home decor

When we were looking at homes in 2012, everything seemed enormous coming from 6 years spent in tiny New York City apartments. As we narrowed our list and began focusing in, details became the deciding factor in the decision making process. Having a space I could finally house all my clothing was a huge treat in my post college, post law school life. I spent months flipping through online catalogs and real estate sites looking for ideas. If Compass had existed back then, life would have been easier for us. You can browse be neighborhood, and instantly see images of apartments within your criteria, whether you want to rent, buy or even sell. When its time to list the house and head back into the City, this will be my first stop.


  1. My next house will have a room devoted to my clothes and a dressing area. I love how organized everything is in the dream closets you picked!

  2. I love being organized so these dream closets are great! I have a room devoted to my closet and it's life changing!


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