October 24, 2016

Essie Finally Got it Right

I have always been an Essie polish fan, I find the colors are unparalleled in the market, and can never find another brand I like more. However I have never found the polish to last, chip-free, for more than a few days. And chips are a pet peeve, I literally cannot handle chips, nor can I get a manicure any more frequently than once every one to two weeks. I've tried many brands and formulas over the years, CND's Vinylux was a recent favorite for its longevity but I was not a fan of the limited color selection, or how dark the colors seemed to lean after application. Enter Essie's Fall 2016 Gel Couture line.

Top coat, Rock the Runway, Bubbles Only, Gala-Vanting, Twill Seeker and Fairy Tailor

The polish should be applied to bare nails (no base coat), and followed with the special top coat. I bring my own polish to my nail salon, and the manicure lasts a full week plus the extra days in between regular manicure appointments (when my usual weekly lunch slot fills up with client calls). It removes easily with acetone, and there's no staining even after using dark shades for weeks on end. I can't see every using a different polish again- I'm that obsessed. You can find nearly all the colors on Amazon for about $11, and its well worth the price. Has anyone else tried this line?

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  1. I'll have to give this new line a try! I've never been a huge fan of Essie for the exact reason you mentioned. I hate chipped nails and I don't always have time to keep redoing my manicure. I agree that Essie has nice colors, but I've had a lot of luck with OPI in terms of longevity. With that said, I'm in a color rut at the moment, and perhaps Essie is just what I need!



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