September 15, 2014

In Review: Lips

I have an epic collection of lip products. When I find one I like, I buy it in many colors. The problem is I like many brands, so my makeup vanity becomes easily overrun with lip tubs and I need to periodically scale back in my lust for lipstick. Like many ladies, I like my lipstick to last all day. Though I love Bobbi Brown classic lipstick, it doesn't necessarily make it past my morning coffee. My blogger friend Vanessa at Living in Steil recommended the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, and wow, it does it all. I love this product, but often had to layer gloss on top to keep it moist. Solution? Enter Stay All Day Lipstick's shiny cousin: Stay All Day Vinyl.

I love the colors, the pigment, and the longevity. Apply once in the morning, line lips afterwards, and then maybe one touch up in the afternoon. My favorite color is the nude, a pinky-beige that still manages to stand out. Weekend color choice would be Scarlet, but I'm not brave enough to wear this most nights against my pale skin. Vanessa likes Carina, a coral-red that looks stunning in her Instagram snaps.

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